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Choose one of our best experiences in Lucca!
Take part in an outdoor adventure, a fun cooking class in the countryside or an sensory activity in which you will be directly involved, not just an external observer, using your physical skills and all your senses to experience new emotions, new tastes, acquire knowledge or simply spend a different day having fun with friends.
Our aim is always the same, to let you enjoy the pleasures of Tuscany like a local and to let you try unique experiences in Lucca.
Our guides, chefs, farmers, shepherds, oenologists will behave like friends who will welcome you in small groups, families.
All experiences will be based on fun but in total safety and according to the rules.
To those who require a private experience or with a different, tailor-made program, we are happy to offer solutions that meet their wishes.

Cooking Classes
Pasta Party - Fun cooking class in Lucca countryside
The Pasta party, more than a cooking class, is a day of celebration spent making pasta, tasting good wine, produced by the nearby Fattoria di Fubbiano, preparing a dessert, and then eating all together as in traditional Italian Sunday lunches, in a characteristic private country villa.
Guests will be welcomed with a welcome drink and will spend time having fun creating ravioli, tagliatelle, seasonal sauces to dress pasta and a dessert, between a sip of wine, a photo and a laugh, as in a party, in waiting to consume the goodness created by them in the open area or in the garden, without haste. E 'available for both lunch and dinner and in all seasons.

Pasta Party, a fun cooking class in Lucca, can be:
Requested individually or in combination with scooter and bike rental by clicking on "Book Now" and adding the rental supplement to the cart
Booked within these tours:

Walking the vineyards and Pasta Party in Walking tours

Food and wine tastings on farms
Cheese farm experience
A few kilometers from Lucca, among wonderful hills full of olive groves, vineyards and woods, there is one of the last small family-run animal farms. An extended family made up of sheep, cashmere goats, chickens, pigeons, a huge boar, and of course dogs and cats that share the same spaces, together with humans. The owners live in the main farmhouse, dating back in part to the Middle Ages, and there is both the artisan laboratory where the milk is processed and the room for lunches and dinners, where it is possible to taste the excellent pecorino cheese and goat and cow cheese. A unique experience in Lucca, in which, in a few meters, you pass from contact with the animals that provided us with the milk to the tasting of the cheese produced, guided by the shepherdess herself. In the farmhouse it is also possible to stay and have lunches and dinners on request.

Green farm: vegetables, eggs, wine, olive oil (and lunch)
Immediately outside Lucca, just beyond the river park, where the first country roads begin to climb along the hills, we find a family farm where the farmer still carries out all the necessary activities personally, following the rules of organic farming, growing vegetables in all the seasons, raising hens for their eggs and producing an excellent olive oil and an exclusively biodynamic white and red wine. The farm also has some rooms for guests but above all, on request, the hostess can prepare tasting lunches based on her products, in which bruschetta, Tuscan appetizers, omelettes, vegetable pies, fresh pasta with sauce are never missing. All accompanied by the tasting of their wines, of course. A wonderful experience in contact with nature, a few steps from Lucca, where you will feel at home and make friends with the hens too.

Outdoor adventures
SUP excursion in Lucca
A fun outdoor activity, exploring hidden corners in nature, paddling along the Serchio river a few meters from Lucca. SUP, Stand up paddle, is a very fun and simple sport activity to learn, suitable for everyone, thanks to the large and stable boards for beginners made available to our expert guides, which allow you to stand on the water, letting yourself carrying by the current and paddling to follow the best direction. It is possible to "walk on water" in serenity different sections of the Serchio river: slightly pushed by the river, with some stops to swim and have a snack, observe fish and birds, the 3 hours of paddling downstream are surprising and easy for anyone, beginner or expert.  In any case it will represent an outdoor experience that will leave you with different feelings than usual, an experience in nature in Lucca to try absolutely!

Tandem Paragliding in Lucca
Paragliding tandem flight, that is, in tandem with the flight instructor, is a very strong outdoor experience, an extreme sport, which often leaves unique sensations in life. But it is an equally safe experience: the instructors have received awards in this sport and practice daily from their base-school; after the departure you just have to let go and you can also take pictures, you will have your hands free and the instructor will do everything. There are two possible starting points in the mountains north of Lucca, reachable in a short time. The flight school bus will then take you to the summit, about 800-1000m. The tandem flight takes about 20-30 minutes between the beautiful hills of Lucca and is only guaranteed on the last day after a careful analysis of the weather conditions. Flying has always been man's dream, the desire to overcome limits, that feeling of freedom and escape ...

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