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Welcome to Lucca!
The tours we offer are a collection of sensations and images of our land.
Whether it is a bicycle excursion, a walk in the countryside, a wine tour in a minivan, a paragliding flight or a day making pasta with friends and wine, our aim is always the same, to let you enjoy the pleasures of Tuscany like a local.
Our guides will behave like friends who will accompany you in small groups, families.
All experiences will be fun but in total safety and according to the rules.
To those who require a private tour or with a different, tailor-made program, we are pleased to offer solutions that meet their wishes.
For those who prefer to share their emotions with other new friends, we suggest our fixed-day tours
For those who prefer to have a self-guided tour we provide the means and equipment to do so

Service conditions (pdf)

E-bike tours
Lucca: Guided E-Bike and Wine Tour - VERY EASY
The e-bike tour begins with an introdution to the city by our friendly guide and a visit to the walls of Lucca, over 4 km of cycle path all around the historic center. From this elevated position above the city, you will have a view of the symbolic monuments of Lucca and you will have time to become familiar with the e-bike. After a taste of Lucca old town and its attractions the guide will easily lead you outside the walls, entering the surrounding countryside, among charming villages and family farms. The e-bike will allow you to face a few short climbs effortlessly and our expert guide will help you understand the complexity of the "vineyard" ecosystem and its low environmental impact agriculture.
The visit will continue in the cellar and in the vineyards with the wine tasting combined with typical local products such as bruschetta, meats, cheeses and olive oil. 
Starting time: 10.00   Calendar: everyday        Difficulty:  Easy       Lengh: 15 km  - 3,5 hours in total

Guided E-BIKE Tour of Lucca and the walls
Lucca is largely a pedestrian and bicycle path city, do not miss the opportunity to explore the historic center with our expert and friendly guide on a e-bike!
Our pedal assisted bicycles, very easy to use, will allow you to discover every corner of the historic center and all the main squares and attractions, such as Torre Guinigi, Piazza Anfiteatro, Piazza San Michele, Palazzo Pfanner, but also to have fun exploring up and down the walls without effort.
Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to reach all the interesting points of the city and its 4.2 km of walls in a single tour.
 Starting time: 15.00     Calendar: everyday     Difficulty: Very easy     Lengh: 2,5 hours

Sweet and salty Lucca by E-bike
Explore Lucca by bike in small groups and taste typical local products. Lucca is surrounded by Renaissance cycle walls and is known as "the city of 100 churches", but also for its food, both sweet and salty.
During this relaxing tour you will discover the main attractions such as the Cathedral of San Martino, Church of San Michele, Piazza Napoleone, Piazza Anfiteatro and part of the walls always accompanied by our friendly guide. You will stop at a traditional delicatessen where you will taste Tuscan appetizers accompanied by a glass of wine and, after a short ride, seated again in one of the historic pastry shops where you will also taste sweets from Lucca.
Starting time: 15.30         Difficulty: Very easy        Lengh: 3 hours

E-Bike tour to Villa Reale - Private
Lucca countryside is the ideal setting for cycling excursions and is easily accessible from the city center. Thanks to the Serchio river cycle path, in fact, you can avoid road traffic and reach the area of ​​historic villas in a short time, where you can admire some of the most beautiful ancient houses in Tuscany: Villa Oliva, Villa Grabau and Villa Reale. In particular, we will walk around the wonderful park of Villa Reale, among elegant Italian gardens, sculptures and noble buildings, and we will stop to relax on the lawn or for a break at the villa cafè, before coming back to Lucca.
 Starting time: 14.30      Difficulty: Easy    Lengh: 25 km roundtrip - 4/5 hours in total

Easy bike Tours
Guided bike tour of Lucca and the walls

Lucca is largely a pedestrian and bicycle path city, do not miss the opportunity to explore the historic center with our expert and friendly guide!
Try this incredible bike tour that will lead you to discover the walls of Lucca, a real raised park all around the city, some of the secret passages inside the walls and then enter the "vicoli" of the historic center. Admire all the main attractions and monuments, moving on our comfortablee bicycles, from Piazza Anfiteatro, an ancient Roman amphitheater, Torre Guinigi, Piazza San Michele, the ancient Roman Forum, where the church of San Michele is located, from Piazza Napoleone and Piazza del Giglio to Piazza San Martino, where the famous cathedral stands. 
Starting time: 10.00      Calendar: everyday        Difficulty: Very easy Lengh: 2,5 hours   
Price: from € 39,00 per person

Lucca and the Green Farm by bike - Private

An easy excursion also suitable for children and people not used to cycling. The itinerary is designed to have a "monumental" part and a "natural" part. We first have a bike tour of Lucca, passing in front of the symbols of the city and on the famous walls (who already lives in town can skip it and have a longer part in the nature). We will then follow a cycle path that will take us to the river park where we can pedal freely in the nature. At the foot of the first hills, we find the family farm, "green" because the farmer still carries out all the necessary activities personally, following the rules of organic farming, and  growing vegetables, as well as chickens for eggs and producing an excellent olive oil and an exclusively biodynamic white and red wine. The farmer's wife will welcome us with an exquisite tasting lunch based on her products, where you find bruschetta, Tuscan appetizers, vegetable omelettes and pies, fresh pasta with seasonal sauce, all accompanied by their own wines. A wonderful experience in contact with nature, where it is possible to visit the greenhouse, the vineyard and the small cellar and play with the hens.

Starting time: 10.30      Calendar: everyday    Difficulty:  Very easy    Lengh: 15 km - 4 hours in total 

Price: from € 30.00 per person (children)

Lucca - Pisa by bike - Private
A fun excursion from Lucca to Pisa by bicycle, off the beaten paths, along roads known only by local cyclists. A trip out of town that will allow you to admire both the artistic and natural beauties of this part of Tuscany. The route is completely flat and mainly along the river, on paths or secondary roads, also suitable for families and kids. A stop is planned in San Giuliano Terme after about 20km to refresh oneself in the charming central square where you find drinks, salty and sweet foods. After the visit to Piazza dei Miracoli and the usual photos with the Leaning Tower, the return will be by train (about 25 minutes)
Starting time: 09.30 Calendar: everyday           Difficulty:  Intermediate      
Lengh: 33km one-way, 3 hours by bike, 4/5 hours in total
Way back by local train about 22 minutes
Price: from € 67,00 per person

Self-guided tours
Self-guided tour by bike + Picnic in the vineyards
An easy afternoon trip in the Tuscan countryside on the first hills just around Lucca walls.
Following our directions you will leave Lucca walls behind avoiding local traffic, thanks to the Puccini cycle path and the
Serchio river white road. Once in the countryside you will enjoy some easy ups and downs among olive groves and vineyards until you reach the winery. The farmer will warmly welcome you at his estate and will offer you the picnic box with tastings of local foods and his wine and you can choose where staying on the grass to enjoy it. You can take your time, relax in the nature, visit the cellar and ask the farmer for additional wine tastins if you are a wine lover (extra cost). We wait you back at the shop before 19.00, after an easy ride back (about 30 minutes).
At the briefing at the shop we will give you all instructions to follow our customised itinerary on a free app for mobile and all accessories to be independent and safe and then you have just to cycle and have fun!
Starting time: 15.00    Difficulty: Easy    Lengh: 15 km + 5km back; usually 1,5 h + 30 minutes by bike
Terrain: asphalt – dirt road

E-bike  + app/itinerary + Picnic: € 69,00
Trekking bike  + app/itinerary + Picnic: € 59,00

Self-guided tour of Lucca by bike with MAP

Explore Lucca independently on a self-guided bike tour.
Use the provided map and detailed notes to get a better understanding of the city and discover the main
attractions without the stress of planning or follow other people in a group tour.
Have fun pedaling freely on the walls of Lucca, stop in one of the historic bars to enjoy a real Italian
capuccino and taste one of the typical sweets of Lucca. Discover the most important monuments and the
most hidden places in the historic center. At you time, no hurry.
From the historic center you can also easily reach the river park, where a dirt road along the Serchio river
will allow you to spend some relaxing moment in contact with nature. Ask for itinerary on app at the bike

Difficulty: Very Easy - Walls and historic center
Price:  € 18.00 per person

Self-guided bike tour to the historical villas - Villa Reale, Grabau and Oliva - EASY

Explore Lucca and the surrounding beauties by bike at your own pace. At the shop we will give you all
instructions to follow our customised itinerary on a free app for mobile and all accessories to be
independent and safe and then you have just to cycle and have fun!
Thanks to the Serchio river cycle path you can avoid road traffic and reach natural landscapes in no time!
Following the northern variant of the Via Francigena you reach Ponte a Moriano and via delle ville, where
you can admire some of the most important historic villas in Tuscany: Villa Oliva, Villa Grabau and Villa
Reale. All of them have and entrance fee to admire their wonderfull gardens and ancient buildings.
It's possible to stop at Villa Reale's Cafè for a break or relax on the grass for a pic-nic.
Starting time: from 9.30 to 14.00   Calendar: everyday
Difficulty: Easy - flat     Lengh: 25km roundtrip, usually 2-3 hours by bike    Terrain: asphalt – dirt road
E-bike  + app/itinerary: € 43,00
Trekking bike  + app/itinerary: € 29,00

Lucca - Pisa self-guided by bike
An itinerary that develops in nature, for long parts on the cycle path of the Serchio river and on secondary country roads. The route is completely flat and, starting from Lucca, goes all around the Monti Pisani, avoiding the main roads that cross them. The background is mixed dirt, cycle, asphalt and is suitable for e-bikes, trekking bikes or mountain bikes, also recommended for families with children. Along the way you will find San Giuliano Terme, after about 20km, to refresh yourself in the charming central square in front of the Spa. The itinerary ends in Piazza dei Miracoli, in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. After the visit to Piazza dei Miracoli and the usual photos, it is possible to return easily by train by loading the bicycle on the prepared wagons. (about 22 minutes of travel). The more trained can decide to go back by bike along a more direct route.
Starting time: from 9.30 to 11.00    Calendar: everyday
Difficulty: Intermediate - flat    Lenght: 33km one-way, usually 3 hours by bike    Terrain: mixed
Way back by train about 22 minutes

E-bike  + app/itinerary: € 43,00
Trekking bike  + app/itinerary: € 29,00

Self-guided bike tour on Lucca wine roads to Montecarlo

A day trip in the typical Tuscan countryside with its ups and downs. At the shop we will give you all instructions to follow our customised itinerary on a free app for mobile and all accessories to be independent and safe and then you have just to cycle and have fun! Following our local roads you will first meet the famous historical villa area and then the wine roads that from Lucca hills go to the beautiful  hamlet of Montecarlo, passing wineries, olive groves and enchanting views. You can choose to have a wine tasting at a winery or a Tuscan lunch in one of the typical trattorias in Montecarlo. If you are tired then you can choose to coming back by local train from the first village at the feet of the hill.

Starting time: from 9.30 to 11.00    Calendar: everyday
Difficulty: Intermediate    Lenght: 29 + 25km  usually 3+2 hours by bike    Terrain: mixed
Way back by train about 22 minutes

E-bike + app/itinerary: € 43,00
Trekking bike  + app/itinerary: € 29,00

Self-guided bike tour from Lucca to the sea - INTERMEDIATE

The area of Lucca is very popular because in a short distance you can go from the mountains, to the
countryside and then to the sea, where the beaches of Versilia are a popular destination for summer
holidays. Next to the "organized" coast and the villages with trendy shops and bars there is also a "wilder"
part of the coast with long sandy beaches that can only be reached by crossing the natural park.
Thanks to this perfect itinerary you can reach the sea from Lucca in about 30 km, first riding on the cycle
path of the Serchio river and then on country roads, avoiding the most popular routes. At the shop we will
give you all instructions to follow our customised itinerary on a free app for mobile and all accessories to be
independent and safe and then you have just to cycle and have fun!
Continuing the bike excursion between free beach and pinewood, you reach Marina di Torre del Lago
Puccini, a real village with some bars, restaurants and private beaches, the natural Lecciona beach, and, at the end of the itinerary, after a total of 40 km, you reach Viareggio, a charming liberty town in Versilia,
which is definitely worth a stroll along the seafront, among artistic buildings, historic baths, shops and bars.
At the end of the trip you can take the local train back to Lucca (20 minutes).

Starting time: from 9.30 to 11.00;   Calendar: everyday
Difficulty: Intermediate   Lengh: 40 km usually 4 hours by bike   Terrain: asphalt – dirt road
Way back by train about 20 minutes


E-bike  + app/itinerary: € 43,00
Trekking bike  + app/itinerary: € 29,00

Bike ride along the river - VERY EASY
From the historic center of Lucca, in a few minutes by bicycle, on a cycle path, you can reach the river park of the Serchio river and the Lucca countryside. It is so very easy, even for families with children, to experience the thrill of a bike ride outside the city, surrounded by nature. The dirt road along the river, prohibited to motor vehicles, develops both towards the north, towards the historic villas, and towards the south, towards Pisa and the coast. However, the bicycle tour we suggest for families allows everyone to have the pleasure of visiting Lucca and its nature without going too far.
Difficulty: VERY EASY - 15 km
Difference in altitude: 0 m
Trekking bike + app/itinerary: 3 hours € 22,00 - Full day € 29,00

Walking Tours
Walking the vineyards and Pasta Party
An experience full of nature and fun, spent among magnificent paths in the vineyards, floured hands, seasonal herbs, glasses of wine and the pleasure of consuming what has been cooked. We move to the hills of Lucca, to a wine estate where the tour will begin on dirt paths among vineyards, olive groves and small stretches of wood to feel the beautiful Tuscan countryside and and maybe find some spices that we could use in the cooking class. After the experience in nature our friendly chef will introduce us into her world with a welcome drink and we will spend time having fun creating ravioli, tagliatelle, seasonal sauces to dress pasta and a dessert, between a sip of wine, a photo and a laugh, as in a party, waiting to consume the goodness created in the open space or in the garden. At the end, the van will take us to Lucca again.
Starting time: 15.00/15.30 (cooking lesson starts about 17.00)
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate      Lengh: 1 hour walking*, 5-6 hours total experience
*the walking itinerary is available on shorter or longer distances

Hiking and wine tour
The pleasure of outdoor activities and the discovery of the flavors that the territory offers us transformed by the skilled hand of man. From the vineyards to the cellar, with a broader view of the beautiful surrounding landscape. For this tour we will move by minivan to the Lucca hills where our walk will start to savor the essence of the Tuscan countryside. Vineyards, threshing floors, courtyards, villages surrounded by olive groves. Walking on paths and old mule tracks we will be able to discover the history of these places. Arriving at the winery we will taste the wines accompanied by cold cuts, cheese and bruschettas.
At the end of our journey in nature, the minivan will take us back to the city.
 Starting time: 09.00      
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate             Lengh: 3/6 km hiking (1 or 2 hours)* - 4/5 hours total tour
*the hikink itinerary is available on shorter or longer distances

Tasty Lucca
Visit the main tourist sights and discover the stories behind the art and food, the secret passages of the old towns, with a local guide, a new friend who will reveal all the secrets of the city to you.
Stop to taste Tuscany’s best savoury treats with a glass of local wine in hand and later relax at an historic pastry shop to enjoy also typical sweets with coffee or capuccino. Don’t miss Piazza Anfiteatro and the Walls of Lucca, Puccini, the most famous "Lucchese", and local people traditions and way of life
Starting time: 10.00       Calendar: everyday        Difficulty: Very easy       Lengh: 3 hours

Lucca guided walking tour
If you are individual travelers, families or small groups and are curious to discover the monuments, squares, artistic beauties, the most famous characters and stories of Lucca, but also the secret passages and curiosities of this surprising city, follow one of our official tour guides on a fun and interesting guided walking tour of Lucca and the city walls.
Includes a map with descriptions of the main monuments.
The departure of the walking tour is also available from your accommodation in Lucca.
Difficulty: Very Easy - Walls and historic center
Price: from € 28,00 per person
The guided tour of Lucca is also available by bicycle

Puccini tour in Lucca
Music and Giacomo Puccini are two points of reference tied to both history and harmony. In order to acquaint oneself with Lucca, they can also be perceived as two of the fundamental elements generated by a territory rich in history, culture, and tradition.
An attentive and inquisitive visitor should not be surprised to discover how many other artists of great caliber have left mementos of their passage through Lucca and how many major events have been held, in the area, to present day.
Past musicians like Geminiani, Boccherini, Paganini, Catalani and contemporary ones like Chet Baker and The Rolling Stones, to name a few, have all been protagonists in Lucca’s still vibrant musical journey.
Our guided tour consists of a pleasant stroll “andante…. ma con brio” through town, accompanied by excerpts of the artists’ most significant and famous compositions.
So, in addition to getting to know the history and the beauties of Lucca, it will be possible to become acquainted with the musicians, hear anecdotes about their lives and the places in town connected to them, including the Puccini Museum and the theatre, Teatro del Giglio.
Meeting point: Garibaldi statue in Piazza del Giglio
Meeting time with the local guide: 10.50
Beginning of the guided tour: 11.00
Duration of the tour: 2 hours and 15 minutes
every Saturday from 02/04/2022 to 22/10/2022
The tour is bilingual: English and Italian.
Tour cost: € 15.00 per adults – € 5.00 per child up to 15 if accompanied by a paying adult
Includes: guided tour and entrance fee to the Puccini Museum Birth Place Lucca

Mountain Bike Tours
Bike tour to Massaciuccoli lake - INTERMEDIATE
The LIPU Oasis of Massaciuccoli is an oasis of peace and biodiversity on the eastern shore of Lake Massaciuccoli, one of the most beautiful places in Italy for birdwatching, and is home to many species in all seasons. The natural path, which can be traveled on foot, consists of a wooden walkway built on stilts for a length of about 700 meters. Overall, the tour to Massaciuccoli represents an excellent outdoor experience, both for the environmental beauties that are crossed by bicycle, mainly on dirt, flat and well-maintained roads, and for the possibility of trying the walk in the wet area, and for the the visit to the Roman ruins of Massaciuccoli. The return is possible either on a flat road or by climbing the hill behind the oasis, from which you have breathtaking views of the lake to the coast. Those who are tired can decide to take the local train just 4 km from the oasis to return to Lucca.
Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE - 35/40 km
Difference in altitude: 0 m / 150 m

Altopiano delle Pizzorne by MTB - DIFFICULT
The "Altopiano delle Pizzorne" consists of the first mountains of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines north of Lucca and reaches an altitude of about 900m. Thanks to the cycle path along the Serchio river it is possible to reach the bases of the plateau on a dirt road. Up to 300-400m of altitude they look like the typical Tuscan hills, rich in vineyards, olive groves and farms, and then become wooded and real mountains to climb. The mountain bike route from Lucca is therefore very varied both for technical and landscape characteristics and therefore appreciated by local cyclists. At the top of the plateau it is then possible to refresh yourself at the Aldebaran bar / restaurant. The descent also offers single tracks for those who want very mountain biker routes.
Difficulty: Difficult - 40 km
Difference in altitude: 1000m

Monte Serra by MTB - DIFFICULT
A real mountain bike excursion for lovers of challenging mountain routes. Monte Serra (917m), a kind of mountainous island in the plain between Lucca and Pisa, just 4 km on single track from the walls of Lucca, offers us the possibility of mountain bike trails of both intermediate and high difficulty, on dirt roads or paths. The available itineraries are numerous, but those who manage to reach the top of the mountain, will have the possibility of a real refreshment, at the bar / restaurant in Santallago and will be able to enjoy breathtaking views.
Difficulty: Intermediate / Difficult - 25/35 km
Difference in altitude: 500m / 1000m

Lucca's villas and Montecarlo


Routes: Lucca, cycle route along the river Serchio, Ponte a Moriano, Villas of Lucca (Oliva, Grabau, Reale, Torrigiani), Camigliano, Le 4 mura (Franciscan way), Pinocchio's Giant Oak Tree, 10 min. stop for photo, Montecarlo, 30 min. visit of il Cerruglio fortress, street to Luciani, Fattoria "il Poggio" (typical tuscan fare).

Rating: Intermediate  - roads and shorty easy-off-road section on the Franciscan way.
Km: 30 

The price includes: bike tour guide, hybrid bike with pannier, helmet, flask and reflective jacket/vest, lunch( big starter, dessert, wine and water), train ticket to return.

Race bike Tours
Massaciuccoli e Pitoro - EASY-INTERMEDIATE
Bike tour with racing bikes on country roads between Lucca, the Massaciuccoli lake and the hills that separate the city from the sea, with breathtaking views, an easy and an intermediate climb, which will satisfy even cyclists who want to keep fit. This route is much appreciated by local cyclists because one of the few is not demanding and due to its exposure, to the south and towards the sea, it is more pleasant even in the less warm periods.
Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE - 50 km
Difference in altitude: 500 m

The wine roads of Lucca - INTERMEDIATE
Bike tour with racing bike through the wine hills of Lucca, classic Tuscan landscapes full of wineries, small villages with a few houses connected by a narrow and winding country road, olive groves and vineyards, with enchanting views over the entire plain of Lucca. The route is characterized by a challenging climb to reach the road at an altitude of 300m and numerous ups and downs that will entertain all types of cyclists. The tour is available in both easier and more challenging versions.
Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE - 45 km
Difference in altitude: 500/600 m

From Lucca to the sea - INTERMEDIATE-DIFFICULT
A very fun and varied ring bike tour both in terms of landscapes and type of roads, which takes us to the seafront of Viareggio to breathe the sea breeze along country roads on the hills that separate the Tuscan coast from the plain of Lucca. There are two intermediate climbs in the outward and one in the return, but the circuit can be made more challenging on request. A refreshing break on the Viareggio pier is strongly recommended for cyclists who love fresh fish, even just for street food.
Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE-DIFFICULT - 70/90 km
Difference in altitude: 600/1000 m

Monte Serra - DIFFICULT
Challenging bike tour that from the center of Lucca will take us to Monte Serra (917m), the highest peak of the Monti Pisani, a small mountain range that separates Lucca from Pisa. The climb from San'Andrea di Compito, less than 10km from the city walls, is considered one of the hardest in the area due to the steep slopes and is also frequented by professional cyclists in training. The approximately one thousand meters of difference in height are accumulated in a single ascent which, at choice, can be climbed by Buti, to be a little less hard, following the itinerary in the opposite direction.
Difficulty: DIFFICULT - 50 km
Difference in altitude: 1000 m

Challenging bike tour that from the center of Lucca will take us to the Abetone Pass (1398), on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, a pass that connects Central and Northern Italy. A real mountain stage, almost 2000m in altitude all in the 64 km of the outward route, of which the last 20km are very demanding. In recent years, Abetone has been the arrival of a hard-fought mountain stage of the Giro d'Italia. In addition to the beauty of the mountain landscapes and the Lima stream, the route offers historical beauties such as the Ponte del Diavolo, Bagni di Lucca and the Terme and Cutigliano. The return is mainly downhill, but it is always 64km, therefore, for those who wish, it is possible to stay at Abetone and return the following day by adding another climb, easier between Bagni di Lucca and Lucca, the Trebbio Pass, on the Pizzorne.
Difficulty: DIFFICULT - 128 km (64 + 64)
Difference in altitude: 2000 m

Private Tour By Minivan
Lucca is surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape of splendid hills characterized by luxurious historic villas, ancient stone churches, charming villages and farms surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. The mild climate also contributes to the creation of a strong and healthy wine, with a high sugar content, and an intense aroma. Lucca is therefore the ideal area for a relaxed and pleasant wine tour, visiting quality but mainly family-run wineries, producers of excellent wine and extra virgin olive oil, without having to travel very long distances but remaining in the surrounding countryside.

"Slow" Wine tour Lucca by minivan
A "Slow" and “deep” wine tour to give people time to fully enjoy the flavors and sensations that a wine tasting immersed in the Tuscan countryside creates. A wine tour on the hills of Lucca, with a private minivan, in which you visit two wineries in different areas, to have different experiences. They will welcome us to their farms explaining the whole wine production process, from the vineyard to the cellar and in both wineries, after the guided tour, we will taste the wines paired with salami, cheeses and seasonal Tuscan foods. Most of the time will be spent cheerfully and relaxed inside the farms and not in long minivan transfers. All costs for wine tasting, food and guided tours are included on this tour.
Starting time: 10.30    Calendar: Monday to Saturday    Lengh: About 5-6 hours

Old fashioned winemakers tour
A wine tour in Lucca countryside in search of farmers who still use traditional, manual methods, who work "old fashioned", in a natural way, obtaining sincere products with a strong character. We will first reach a historic cellar, which has been producing wines for more than a hundred years. We will meet the people who continue this tradition and taste the wines coupled with cheese, cold cuts and bruschettas. We will then move to another familt farm where the farmer brings his vineyard and olive grove to his own and organically, giving life to an excellent wine and olive oil. Here we will have the pleasure of tasting all the farm products. A tour with a strongly familiar and natural atmosphere.
Starting time: 10.00    Calendar: everyday     Lengh: About 5-6 hours

Tuscany delights tour: sheep, vineyards, cheese and wine tasting
The most requested minivan tour to taste two of the typical goodness of Tuscany, just where they are made, red wine and pecorino cheese (but also white wine and goat and cow cheese).
We will go a few kilometers from Lucca by minivan, among the wonderful hills full of olive groves and vineyards to visit one of the last small animal farms where we will meet sheep, goats, chickens, and of course dogs and cats that share the same spaces, together with humans. The "shepherdess" will show us the artisan laboratory and we will taste a selection of her pecorino, goat and cow cheeses. A unique experience, in which, in a few meters, you pass from contact with the animals that have provided us with the milk to the tasting of the cheese produced. We will then move to another family business, a winery in the nearby hills where we will taste the red and white wines produced and discover the secrets on how to obtain a quality wine. Also in this case, from the natural resource to the final product in a few meters.

Chianti: wine, castles and white roads
Chianti is one of the most famous wine regions in the world and combines the excellence of wines, unforgettable landscapes made of castles in the hills, stone farmhouses, vineyards that run up and down its hills. Many famous wineries, such as Castello di Verrazzano, Castello di Fonterutoli, Castello di Brolio, Castello di Monsanto, Badia a Passignano, welcome you in their ancient noble residences with wonderful views of the countryside, where you can taste excellent wines and local gastronomy. Greve, Gaiole, Castellina, Radda, are just some of the picturesque villages of Chianti, rich in art and traditions.
On this tour in Chianti from Lucca by private minivan we will visit one of these historic wineries, we will walk in one of its most characteristic villages and we will discover some of the most fascinating views, going through the famous white roads, to transfer our emotions in unforgettable photos.

Cinque Terre Private Tour
This is a private tour (just for you and your family) which allows you to discover in a easygoing and flexible way one of the most amazing and enchanting Ligurian landscapes in the world.
The Cinque Terre: “Five Villages” is a UNESCO World Heritage site with unique flora and a spectacular coastline of the true ITALIAN RIVIERA. You will have the chance to admire the scenery and take the most beautiful panoramic photos of the villages with their colorful houses and rocky coasts.
After picking you up directly from your accomodation in the center of Lucca, we will drive to the picturesque Cinque Terre: Manarola with the ancient case-torri, Vernazza, the tiniest one, with its medieval castle and finally the biggest fishing village of all, Monterosso.
On our arrival to Monterosso you’ll have free time for lunch. Our tour leader will suggest you a good restaurant for a delicious seafood meal.
Monterosso is famous for the beautiful beaches and of course you’ll have plenty of free time to relax and enjoy a nice gelato and limoncello!
Dates & Time: Tuesday and Saturday (8'30 am – 5'30 pm)
 Season: All year
 The tour Includes: Expert tour leader for the day, All transport: air-conditioned minivan, train tickets, boat tickets (from 1st April to 31st October), Free visit of Manarola, Monterosso and Vernazza, Free time for shopping and lunch.

Siena, S. Gimignano & Chianti Private Tour
This is a Private Tour with a special attention and flexibility organized just for you and your family. We will pick you up directly from the center of Lucca, and after a lovely drive through the beautiful Tuscany countryside, we will arrive at the magnificent medieval town of the fair towers: San Gimignano.
Here you will see the old medieval towers, you will have time to take a look at the colorful pottery shops or have a taste of the best gelato of the world, on the spot where the famous movie “Tea with Mussolini” was filmed. You will also have the chance to visit the little history museum of San Gimignano which hosts the perfect tower reproduction/models of the 14th century.
After S. Gimignano we will reach a famous Wine cellar /cantina where the winemaker will guide you for the sampling of the unique Chianti white wine Vernaccia, made only in S. Gimignano, the Chianti Classico DOCG, special Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, bruschetta and pecorino cheese. You will understand the difference between the wines while you combine them with the typical Tuscan appetizers.
After the guided wine tasting, we will drive through the Chianti countryside, passing by the Medieval fortress of Monteriggioni and we will arrive to the magnificent medieval town of Siena. In Siena we will take you through the narrow ancient streets before you will see one of the most impressive medieval squares in Europe: Piazza del Campo, with a shell shape, typical of ancient theaters. Siena has one of the most impressive Cathedrals in Tuscany and is also home of the famous Music Academy: Accademia Chigiana. You will have free time to explore the city and maybe do some shopping in the lovely shops on the fascinating Campo square.
 Dates & Time: Thursday and Sunday (8'30 am – 6'30 pm)
 Season: All Year
 The tour includes: Pick up from your accommodation in the center of Lucca, Private Transport by air-conditioned vehicle, English speaking driver, Free visit of Siena and S. Gimignano, Tasting of Chianti Red wines and Chianti white wine "Vernaccia" of S. Gimignano, tasting of extra-virgin olive oil with bruschettas and pecorino cheeses.

Chianti Wine & Vinci
This private tour (only for you) is a wonderful experience and possibility to combine good CHIANTI Wine with relaxing in Tuscany! We have selected a Boutique winery for you, situated over the small village of Leonardo Da Vinci, a quiet place with a stunning view over the vineyards and olive groves.
Once picked up from our central meeting point in Lucca, we will start our Chianti wine experience with a wonderful drive along the Tuscan countryside. After our arrival in Vinci, you will have time to discover the enchanting atmosphere of the medieval village and the museum with Leonardo Da Vinci’s incredible machines and inventions.
Then we’ll continue to the local farmhouse and Wine Boutique, family run, winery where you can enjoy the quiet life of Tuscany with the owners and a guided tasting with our expert somelier.
There you’ll taste their BEST Chianti DOCG Wines combined with bruschetta with extra-virgin olive oil and fresh tomatoes, salami, pecorino cheese and prosciutto ham. Sweet dessert wine with biscotti will be served at the end.
The hospitality of the owners and the abundance of wine will make you feel at home. For wine lovers this is not only a tasting, but a chance to savor and enjoy the prestigious Chianti wines.
 Dates & Time: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (2'00 pm - 7'00 pm)
 Season: All year
The tour Includes: Guided Chianti Wine tasting in a Boutique winery, a tasting experience of the typical Tuscan 'antipasto': bruschetta with delicious extra-virgin olive oil and tomatoes, salami and cheese; Sweet dessert wine with biscotti, Visit of the medieval village of Vinci, Air-conditioned minivan Transport, Expert Tour Leader. *Visit and Ticket for Leonardo’s museum (not included) are optional.

Florence with Uffizi Gallery Private Tour
Enjoy a private tour with pick up directly from your hotel in the center of Lucca and comfortable drive to the marvelous Renaissance city of Florence. An exclusive guided walking tour with our expert local guide will let you discover the most suggestive corners of Florence.
The tour is very personal, without rush, and with stops infront of the main monuments. Our expert guide will begin her interesting description on the square of Santa Maria Novella. Then the path will follow to the Medici Chapels, the church of San Lorenzo, the palace “Medici-Riccardi” and the main shopping noble streets of Florence.
You will be astonished from the Cathedral complex: the Cathedral or DUOMO, Giotto’s bell tower and the Baptistery with the famous Gates of Paradise.
The next stop will be Signoria Square or Piazza della Signoria, which is like an open-air museum and there are a lot of sicrets to learn about the monuments and the life of the Medici family.
To feel like queen there will be a nice stroll on the old bridge Ponte Vecchio “Jeweller’s bridge”.
Our tour will end with introduction of the Uffizi Gallery where you can admire the unique magnificent paintings of Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raffaello, Leonardo Da Vinci and many others Masters of art. Will prebook you the fast entrance and you’ll SKIP THE QUEUE for the Gallery.
Following the guided tour there is free time to visit the museum and free time for lunch and shopping. Of course our guide will give you all the preciuos indications and suggestions for best gelato and local lunch in Florence.
In the afternoon there is also the possibility to see the original David by Michelangelo in the Academia museum with pre booked tickets from us (to be requested at the moment of the booking of the tour).
 Dates & Time: Every day (except Monday) (8'30 am – 5'30 pm)
 Season: All year round
 The tour includes: Guided Florence walking tour, Skip the Line booking for Uffizi Gallery, Air-conditioned Minivan Transport. *Fee for the Uffizi is not included. Pre booking and skip the line for the Academia on request at the moment of booking.

Tours in Tuscany by bus from Lucca
Every Tuesday and Saturday (Departure 8'00 am – Return 6'30 pm)
Romantic tour by boat around the “Five Villages” to discover one of the most amazing landscapes of the Ligurian coast in the world.

Price € 129
The price includes: Expert tour leader for the day, transport: bus, boat and train tickets, Free visit of Manarola, Monterosso and Vernazza, Free time for shopping and beach activities.
* Customers must be able to climb and descend stairs.
* There is no hiking on our tour and the visit of the villages is very low pass, but we do not recommend
the tour for people with walking difficulties!

SIENA, S. GIMIGNANO and Chianti tour
Every Thursday and Sunday (Departure 8’15 am – Return 7'30 pm)
Guided visit of the biggest medieval town in Tuscany - Siena. Beautiful drive long the Tuscan vineyards and olive groves to S. Gimignano - the town of the fair towers.

Price € 119
The Price Includes: Expert Tour leader, Tour guide in Siena, air conditioned Bus transport, free visit of S.Gimignano, tasting of Chianti DOCG Red wine and the famous Chianti white wine "Vernaccia", tasting of extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese and bruschettas.
* The tour is very low pass, but we do not recommend it for people with walking difficulties!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (Departure 2'00 pm – Return 7'30 pm)
Visit of boutique farmhouse where you can taste 4 Chianti wines and the delicious flavor of good extra-virgin olive oil with bruschetta, olives and salami. After the guided wine tasting where you’ll become more experts of good wine, you’ll have a chance to discover where Leonardo Da Vinci was born and baptized.

Price € 79

The price includes: Transport, tour leader and Guided Chianti wine tasting with visit of the wine estate

FLORENCE with Uffizi Gallery
Every Friday  (Departure 8'30 am – Return 5’30 pm) 
Morning guided walking tour in the most beautiful Renaissance town: Florence. With our guide you’ll learn more about the Medici governors, the Cathedral, Giotto’s bell tower and the Baptistery; Piazza della Signoria and the old “Jeweller’s bridge” – Ponte Vecchio. The guided tour will finish with a brief introduction at the entrance of the Uffizi Gallery. With us you can skip the line to enter the gallery. Free time for lunch and shopping.

Price: € 99
The Price Includes: Guided Florence walking tour, skip the line pre booking for Uffizi and Transport. 
*Fee for the Uffizi not included. Pre booking and skip the line for the Academia are available on request at the moment of booking.

Every Monday and Wednesday (Departure 9'30 am – Return 12'30 am)
Guided visit of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Our tour guide will tell you all the secrets about one of the 7 wonders of the world in the square “Dei Miracoli”. Follow visit of Knight’s square and the old monumental palaces of the town.

Prezzo € 79
The price includes: tour guide, transport and entrance fee for the Cathedral of Pisa.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (Departure 9'30 am – Return 2'00 pm) 
Visit of the marble caves to learn from where Michelangelo used to take his marble. We’ll show you different active quarries where you can see how the workers cut huge pieces of marble blocks.

Price € 95
The price includes: guided visit of the Marble caves, transport,coldcuts tasting of the Lard IGP.

Every Wednesday and Saturday (Departure 3'00 pm – Return 6’30 pm)
Visit of the most beautiful country villas of Lucca. Most of them were summer residences of noble Italian families and are real examples of different architectural styles in Tuscany. We’ll visit the most famous: Villa Torrigiani and Villa Reale.

Price € 79
The price includes: tour leader and airconditioned transport.

VOLTERRA & Teatro del Silenzio di Andrea Bocelli
Giovedì e Domenica (Partenza 9'30 – Ritorno 18'00)
Volterra, meraviglioso villaggio medievale nel cuore della Toscana vi incanterà con la sua storia. Visitando il borgo troverete edifici di periodo Etrusco, assieme a resti Romani. Entrerete in un laboratorio artigianale di alabastro per ammirare quest'arte antica. A seguire, deliziosa degustazione di vino Super Toscano, accompagnata da snack Toscani.

Price € 99
Il prezzo include: trasporto in minibus, degustazione di vino Super Tuscan, visita di laboratorio d’alabastro, accompagnatore e tempo libero per pranzare a Volterra

Every Monday and Saturday (Departure 9'00 am – Return 1'00 pm)
Discover the Garfagnana and the stunning Serchio river valley. We'll take a panoramic quiet drive through the Tuscan valley and stop to enjoy the unique shape of the Bridge of the Devil. On the way to Barga you'll also discover Bagni di Lucca. Visit of Barga’s elegant Cathedral built between the 9th and 12th century.

Price € 95
The price Includes: air-conditioned minivan transport, expert tour leader.

Every Day  9:30 am – 11:00 am or 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Horseback riding with our expert guide in the beautiful Tuscan countryside not far from Lucca. You can be beginners or good riders, our guide will suggest an appropriate path for you.

Price € 59

The price includes: 1.30 h horse riding with an expert tour guide, helmet.

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