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Lucca Movie Effect 2014
Saturday,October 4th 2014 with Lucca Movie Effect, Lucca becomes a movie set in the open air. 
Our city will be divided into five areas: FICTION, GANGSTER, COMEDY, MUSICAL, THE WAR. Ben 18 LOCAL (double compared to the edition 2013) will be set up in theme, each following the film chosen. Each room will offer music, drinks and dishes designed for the occasion. 
From Ghostbusters (which this year celebrates thirty years) at the Moulin Rouge, by Love and War in Full Metal Jacket: who will walk to Lucca can not fail to perceive the '"cinema effect"! 
Participants are invited to dress up their favourite character.

Area Science Fiction (between Porta San Pietro and Corso Garibaldi): "Back to the Future" (element is also a bistro), "Star Wars" (Shaker) and "Ghostbuster" (Coffee Monica). 
Area Gangster Movie Thirties Age(Piazza Del Giglio, Piazza San Martino, Antelminelli square) with vintage cars and their crews in costume, while inside the Hotel and Restaurant Del Universo Teatro relive the atmosphere of the eternal "Grande Gatsby "by F. Scott Fitzgerald; the restaurant Aria, will instead stage "Chicago," with productions and performances from the film by Marshall with Gere and Zeta-Jones, 
Area Comedy (Puccini Restaurant and Gelateria De 'Coltelli): "Patch Adams", as homage to the great Robin Williams, recently scomparso.Gli zombies in love with "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion teen movie of 2013 is very popular among the younger (which must have their generational film in the calendar), will be the protagonists of the various schetch inspired by the situations seen in the movie and in the book (Jonathan Levine), from which it is drawn. 
Area Musical (central area): The Rocky Horror Show "(Rewine)," The Saturday Night Fever "(Bar Country)," Moulin Rouge "(Bar Theater, aka" to fish ")," Mamma Mia "(Pult ) and "Grease" (Coffee Ristretto).
Area War(north): "The Great Dictator" Chaplin (Betty Blue) and "Full Metal Jacket" Kubrick (near the Osteria Lucca Drento ", the second film curated by the students of GiglioLab), but also" Love and war "by Woody Allen (Vinarkia, where the work will be Bad Company, who will be the staging and direction by various excerpts from the film). "Saving Private Ryan" Spielberg (Cycle Divine) and "Inglourious Basterds" Quentin Tarantino (De Cervesia).

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